Lessons, Sermons, Keynotes, Workshops, and Retreats

Selected Topics


Finding Meaning and Purpose

  • The Bridge to Forgiveness: It’s Time

  • God Whispers: Intuitive Listening

  • Seven Practices that Create Spiritual Healing
  • Finding Purpose: Developing Your Personal Mission Statement
  • Discovering the Power of Calling, Vision, and Higher Purpose
  • Saying what You Mean: the Transformative Power of the Written and Spoken Word
  • Prayer, Spiritual Practice and Ritual: Finding a Path out of Busyness
  • The Redemptive Power of your Personal Story: It’s all in the Telling
  • Light Within the Darkness: Turning Adversity into a Blessing
  • Evolving: The Five Stages of Life
  • Developing Character: Faith. Courage and Wisdom
  • Where Medicine Leaves Off: Healing From Within

  • Why We Say Things We Don’t Believe: The Metaphor of God


Purposeful Parenting

  • The Three Questions Your Children Want Answered
  • The Spiritual Principle of Compassionate Parenting
  • Teaching Your Children the One Myth That Can Change Their Lives



  • Developing Inspirational Leadership
  • The Seven Paradoxes of Inspirational Leadership
  • The Power of Sacred Partnership: Transforming the Board Room
  • Magnetic Judaism: Finding the Big Idea
  • Creating a Mission Driven and Value Based Institution
  • Creating the Synagogue for the 21st Century
  • Manifesting Holiness: Building Design for the House of Worship


Writing Workshops

  • Finding the Words: A Writer’s Workshop
  • Spiritual Writing: Finding a Voice that Inspires
  • Writing Prayers, Ceremonies and Creating Ritual


Leading Worship

  • Developing Presence
  • Ricochet vs. Ping Pong: Creating Spiritual Moments in Public Prayer
  • The Spoken Word and Song: The Role of the Rabbi and Cantor on the Bimah
  • The Architecture of Worship: Beginning, Endings and Transitions
  • The Sermon: Speaking without Reading