37th Day of the Omer

22 Iyar
37th Day of the Omer

Some ask the world
            And are diminished
In the receiving
            Of it. You gave me
Only this small pool
            That the more I drink
From, the more overflows
            Me with sourceless light.

The Gift by R. S. Thomas



Baruch Ata Adonai Elo-hei-nu me-lech ha-olam a-sher ke-d-sha-nu b- mitz-vo-tav, v-tzi-va-nu al s-fi-rat ha-omer.

Praised be you Adonai our God who rules the Universe instilling within us the holiness of mitzvot by commanding us to count the Omer.

Today is the thirty-seventh day – five weeks and two days of the Omer.