6th Day of the Omer

21 Nisan
6th Day of the Omer

Elevate your thoughts to the level of your spiritual desires. Consider every word and image as reaching toward goodness. When negative thoughts enter your mind, observe them as if they are floating by like runaway balloons.

Make your thoughts prayerful, and worthy of your spiritual quest.


From God Whispers: Stories of the Soul, Lessons of the Heart by Rabbi Karyn D. Kedar



Baruch Ata Adonai Elo-hei-nu me-lech ha-olam a-sher ke-d-sha-nu b- mitz-vo-tav, v-tzi-va-nu al s-fi-rat ha-omer.

Praised be you Adonai our God who rules the Universe instilling within us the holiness of mitzvot by commanding us to count the Omer.

Today is the sixth day of the Omer.