Today is the twenty-fourth day – three weeks and three days of the Omer.

Chatter is all around us. People talking about politics and war; children and spouses; dinner plans and lunch dates; television shows and celebrity gossip; basketball, soccer, hockey, and football; ways to make money and office politics. We fill the silences with conversations. Some that matter and many that don’t. Once, I was sitting in prayer and I listened to voices chanting an ancient chorus. I was transported by the sound and felt as if I was eavesdropping on whispers behind some mysterious curtain: The angels turn to one another and ask, “Where is the place of God?” They call out in song and answer one to the other, “God is in God’s place.” And so, perhaps the spiritual journey is a simple reconciliation between what appears to be mundane and what seems to be extraordinary. That is to say, if we live an ordinary life of simple chatter and routine acts, what a difference it would make to see within those moments light, hope, miracle, joy, holiness. There is the possibility of the sacred in every place we ask the question: God, where are You?

Rabbi Karyn Kedar, Omer: A Counting

Baruch Ata Adonai Elo-hei-nu me-lech ha-olam a-sher ke-d-sha-nu b- mitz-vo-tav, v-tzi-va-nu al s-fi-rat ha-omer.

Praised be you Adonai our God who rules the Universe instilling within us the holiness of mitzvot by commanding us to count the Omer. Today is the twenty-fourth day – three weeks and three days of the Omer.