It’s been three decades since I’ve lived in a college dorm. That is where I first learned of the enormous everlasting power of kindness.    Dormitory life is a truly unique rite of passage for those who live it. It is a time of life when we are dramatic, have a narrow range of perspective and are in the midst of some hazy transition between immaturity and maturity, of dependence and independence. College students live a paradox; they are self-focused in their small world of friends, new love, break ups, and final exams and yet they are intellectually immersed in the great vast universe of ideas. And yet for all its drama and ambiguity, most of us would agree that those were the good old days.

We shared a laundry room in the basement of the dorm. You would put in a load and go back upstairs to study or listen to music or whatever. When you came back down, inevitably your clothes wet or dry would be taken out of the machine and carelessly dumped aside to make room for the next student doing their laundry. Clean clothes ended up on the dirty floor or just plain lost. Until one day. My roommate and I went down to the laundry and our load was taken out of the drier and placed on the table folded neatly. We couldn’t believe it. So we did the same. We took the load out and folded it before putting a load in. Isn’t that silly? And yet, thirty years later, what is so extraordinary is not that it happened but that we are still telling the story.

Kindness: a simple or extraordinary moment of goodness that leaves a permanent spot on your soul, soft to the touch, sweet in heart. And so, let us all pray for kindness and may we enjoy its effect for years to come.